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If you’re looking to grow as an expert at the start of your career and hone your skills in entrepreneurship, event production, communications, marketing, workshop facilitation, community management or sales, you’ve come to the right place. We’re looking for new colleagues to join our ambitious, joyous and productive team in Kumpula, Meilahti and Viikki locations in January 2023!
Are you both a deep thinker and a practical doer? Are you interested in sustainable entrepreneurship, taking academics to action and advocating a positive change? Would you like to be a part of a positive community, where you get to learn new skills and new ideas are greeted with a “yes, and”? If your answer is yes, you might find yourself at home at Helsinki Think Company!

What is Helsinki Think Company?

Helsinki Think Company is the entrepreneurship society of the University of Helsinki. We operate within the university, but also in the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem to support taking academic knowhow into action with entrepreneurial tools.

Our main goal is to help students and researchers find their career paths, come up with and execute their business ideas, and offer support for early-stage entrepreneurs. Helsinki Think Company aims to be an expert in impact entrepreneurship, accelerate societal change and act as a speed lane for future experts.

Think Company has helped create companies, events, networks and social initiatives with and for all those interested. Our operations are enabled by the University of Helsinki, the city of Helsinki and our own company.

Think Company also actively collaborates with other partners. We’ve worked together with organizations such as Sitra, ministry of finance, Natural resources institute Finland, HUS, VTT, City of Vantaa, CSC and The University of the Arts.

Who are we and what do we do?

The Helsinki Think Company team is a multidisciplinary group consisting mainly of university students and fresh alumni. Most of our team members work part-time (12–25 h/week) side by side with studies, entrepreneurship or other projects, with the support of three full-time employees. Our team shares a solution-oriented mindset, a firm belief in entrepreneurship as a tool for positive change and a hearty dose of curiosity towards learning new things. 

Our work concretely consist of: 

Entrepreneurial services. We consult, spar and support early-stage entrepreneurs. We provide and expand a Knowledge bank of available resources, offer help with formulating a solid business idea and constantly work to develop our services as a source of valuable help for all kinds of ventures.

Event production & projects. We plan, execute and facilitate multidisciplinary projects and events related to ideation, inspiration, competence building and entrepreneurial skills. The projects can be (but are not limited to) speaker events, workshops, weekend challenges or longer co-creation programs, and idea accelerators. Among many other topics, we’ve produced projects and events related to microplastics, gaming, textile technology, procurement law, and the preservation of the Baltic Sea. The themes of the projects vary according to the interests of our team and our partners.
Communications and marketing. Our team is in charge of updating and developing the Think Company website and producing content on different social media platforms. In addition, we have our own media platform Think Media, which is currently focused on blogs. Our team is also responsible for marketing our projects and developing the Think Company brand and brand awareness. 
Community building & partnerships. We aim to bring people from different backgrounds together around interesting topics and enable new ideas, encounters and co-creation in a safe and supportive environment. We routinely work together with student organizations, universities, research institutes, corporations, companies, associations and the public sector. We enable our work through sales focused on partnerships and commissions that align with our goals and values.

Operating co-working spaces. Helsinki Think Company operates co-working spaces on Kumpula, Meilahti, Viikki and the City Center campuses. The spaces are open during the Autumn & Spring terms of the University of Helsinki. Our team is responsible for the daily routines and event bookings of the spaces, as well as building a lively community around them. In the Kumpula campus our team also operates and develops a Makerspace

Your job description as a Think Company team member

The Think Company team supports entrepreneurship and taking academics to action. As a team member your job description consists of the daily functions and activities of your campus coworking space, building and supporting the community, local event production and project coordination, in addition to a selection of other Think Company functions. According to your strengths and interests these functions would include some of the following:
In addition to developing your competencies you’ll get to execute your own ideas, take responsibility and expand your professional skill set to support your interests. Our team has a strong ownership of all Think Company functions and hence a chance to impact the work we do by developing our workplace practices or trying out new ideas.

Are you looking forward to trying all sorts of new things or do you prefer focusing on honing a certain skill? What kind of work and what kind of topics inspire you? Tell us in your application – we’d love to hear more about what you would like to do at Think Company! No answer is wrong: the work we do is versatile and we believe in diversity, so different people with varying interests in different tasks, topics and their combinations are needed.  
What do we expect from you?
We value knowledge and skills gained through, for example, entrepreneurship, work, volunteering, organizational activities, activism, studies, hobbies or other previous projects. However, more important than experience is interest in the possibilities of academic entrepreneurship, curiosity to learn, will to build a prosperous working community together and a solution-oriented attitude.
We’re looking for diverse team members with different skill sets. One or several of the following skills are especially valued:

What do we offer you?

The job is part-time and is well suited to go with studies, part-time research or entrepreneurship. The job might include occasional weekends 2–3 times a year. Team members work approximately 15–25 h/week while the coworking spaces are open. The wage is 576–1300 €/month (12 €/h during the trial period, 13 €/h after) depending on the weekly hours. The working hours are mainly within the opening hours of the coworking spaces, between 8AM and 8PM on weekdays. Please give us an estimation of the weekly hours that would suit you in your application. The employment contract is valid until further notice, but we appreciate commitment for at least for the year of 2023.


The applications are submitted through an application form. The recruitment process is anonymous, meaning that the section including the name and contact details of the applicant will remain hidden until the interviews and personal information such as a photo or a CV is not included in the application.

Tell us in your application why you would like to work at Helsinki Think Company and what would you like your job description to look like based on your skills, interests and study background. In addition you can tell us what you’ve done before and how we may help you to grow as a professional.

Fill in the application form in Finnish or in English by Wednesday 30 November 23:59.
Application form closed!
We will send all interview invitations after the application period has ended. Our recruitment team will go through the applications and notify all applicants of the results by Friday 2 December.

There are two interview rounds. The first round will consist of group interviews in Terkko Health Hub at Meilahti Campus on Wed 7 December. The second round will consist of individual interviews held at Terkko Health Hub Mon 12 December. All applicants will be notified of the final results by Fri 16 December.

The start of employment will be a three-day enrollment starting on Monday 9 January, or if needed, individually agreed on.

Feel free to have a closer look at our operations while you apply! You can find us on our website thinkcompany.fi, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram (@helsinkithinkco).

Additional information:
Eeva Siika-aho, CEO
+358 41 310 7206

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