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Positive environmental and societal impact has been at the core of our activities since day one. In our ten years of operating, we have grown from a few students to a community with over 2000 alumni. Are you ready to join the action?
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For students who want to make a difference

We believe that academic knowledge can make the world a better place. A university degree gives you a great understanding of the challenges we are facing, but what about the solutions? That’s where Helsinki Think Company comes to the picture. We connect all students at the University of Helsinki who want to take the step from understanding to action.

Whether you want to revolutionise the food industry or fight discrimination in your community, our goal is to share you the tools needed for defining a problem - and finding a solution to it. And maybe even start your own company in the process! But even if not, the entrepreneurial mindset is something you will find useful on whatever path in life you end up pursuing.
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We turn knowledge
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Consisting of students, researchers, and entrepreneurs of all kinds, Helsinki Think Company transforms academic knowledge into concrete action. This is achieved by providing entrepreneurial education, tools and support for those who want to make an impact on their surroundings.
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Noha Abdelmonem. Kiihdytyskaista tekoälyn kehityksen ytimeen. Tutustu Noha Abdelmonemin uratarinaan.

Yrittäjyysohjelma kiihdytti kasvatustieteiden opiskelija Noha Abdelmonemin tekoälyn kehityksen ytimeen - “Haluan kehittää jotain, mikä on yhteiskunnalle hyödyllistä”

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Helsingin yliopiston tutkijatohtori ja dosetti Julian Honkasalo. Tuplatohtori haluaa ratkoa vihapuhetta yrittäjyyden keinoin.

Häiriköinnin kohteeksi joutunut tutkijatohtori Julian Honkasalo haluaa ratkoa vihapuhetta yrittäjyyden keinoin

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Samu Hannukkala

Psykologi Samu Hannukkala perusti ystäviensä kanssa yrityksen Helsinki Think Companyn innostamana - “Jokaisen opiskelijan pitäisi saada yliopistoaikana samat opit, jotka olen itse saanut”

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Apply for PsyHack 2024

PsyHack is back again on 5-7 April with the theme Psychology & Technology!

Dive into the challenges of AI, online therapy and social media, combine your strengths with other enthusiasts and develop a solution in 48 hours.

The hackathon is organized in Finnish at Terkko Health Hub, Helsinki.
Read more and apply by 24 March
We exist to boost positive societal impact of sciences & humanities, by strengthening entrepreneurial know-how amongst academia.
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