Photo of the makerspace. Kuva Makerspacesta


Learn by doing

Open and free to use workshop for all DIY enthusiasts, located at Kumpula campus.

What is Makerspace?

Kumpula Makerspace is Think Company's own little DIY workshop. Use of the facilities and tools is free of charge, and you will get your first 3D print for free. The following 3D prints or electronics projects have material costs.

You can find a listing of our materials and user manuals in this folder.

Makerspace is located at the Exactum building of Kumpula campus, Pietari Kalmin katu 5. Makerspace is open for anyone to use during Kumpula Think Company's opening hours. Find current opening hours and read more about our spaces at our coworking page.

Photo of a robot arm. Kuva robottikädestä.

At Makerspace, you can...

Photo of a 3D printer. Kuva 3D-tulostimesta.
Use a 3D Printer
Our Ultimaker 3 printer and filaments are available for everyone— you only pay for the materials used. No reservation needed!
Photo of a soldering iron. Kuva kolvista.
Solder electronics
with our Weller WE1010 soldering iron and library of different components.
Two persons working in Makerspace. Kaksi henkilöä työskentelee Makerspacessa.
Fix your gadgets
We have a wide selection of tools and materials for all kinds of DIY tinkering.
Two persons laughing at computer in Makerspace. Kaksi henkilöä katsoo tietokoneen ruutua Makerspacessa.

Interested in facilitated workshops?

Occasionally we arrange facilitated workshops and workshop series at Makerspace. These workshops consist of brief introduction to the space itself, getting to know one another and our skillsets, introduction to the topic at hand and a couple of hours of creating something of your own. Makerspace and the workshops are still in their early days, so everyone interested are welcome to take part in building our community and the Makerspace itself!

The best way to get information about the upcoming workshops is by joining our Makerspace telegram channel.
Two persons laughing at computer. Kaksi henkilöä katsoo tietokoneen ruutua Makerspacessa.
Workshops arranged in Makerspace
3D printing workshop
In this workshop we will go through the working principle of a 3D printer and how to use it. You get to know how to search for ready-made 3D models and print them as physical 3D objects. In one of the workshops we can familiarize ourselves with CAD software and how to model 3D objects ourselves.
Electronics workshop
In this workshop we will familiarize ourselves with the Arduino microcontroller and go through some tutorials on how to build basic electronics projects using Arduino. We will use existing guides from the internet to build these projects with the components that are available in the Makerspace.
Photo of a mini bench drill. Kuva mikropylväsporakoneesta.

When using the facilities independently, please remember to...

Only use tools and devices you are familiar with or have instructions to
Return all the tools you used to their right places
Unplug any electronic devices you used
Turn off the 3D printer if you used it
Clean your desk before you leave

Join the Telegram channel

If you have any further questions or want to chat about all things DIY, you’re always welcome to join Makerspaces’ own Telegram group.

You can also send an email directly to Kumpula Think Company's team to

Direct contact

Team Kumpula
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Curious about our other facilities?

We have spaces on all four campuses of the university, available free of charge for anyone working on their own project.
Get to know our spaces
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