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Influencing at the grassroots

Spreading the message of impactful entrepreneurship at the university campuses of Helsinki. The Association has influence over how entrepreneurship is seen amongst the university crowd, as well as in the wider academic circles.
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What is the Association?

The role of the association is to foster entrepreneurial mindset and create events, programs and other activities around current social and entrepreneurial trends for our community. We want to enable low threshold participation, especially at the grassroots level ​of the academic community.

Our activities are implemented in close cooperation with Think Company employees. The mission of the association board is to provide community members with opportunities and tools to learn, improve and implement their entrepreneurial and project management skills. Through Helsinki Think Community the members have a possibility to take part as a volunteers in our programs and events.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem and our community startups are at the heart of our operations. The board is responsible for cooperation between Finnish entrepreneurship societies as well as granting the yearly Think Fund to promising early-stage entrepreneurs.
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Done by the Association

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Facilitating programs, workshops and events, such as 4UNI and
Think Tuesday
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Allocating seed funding to the most promising business ideas stemmed from the community with Think Company Fund
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Organising collaborative projects with entrepreneurship societies in Finland and abroad
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