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About us

You = we

We are the entrepreneurship society of the University of Helsinki, open to all curious people who want to apply their academic insight to solve wicked problems of the world.

Long story short

We provide people with all the necessary tools to help them take their academic skills to action: free coworking spaces, workshops, idea competitions and accelerator programs, online content at Think Media, as well as a community of like-minded individuals. Entrepreneurial mindset and tools are taught and applied wherever possible. At the very core, we help future change makers recognize their skills and passions to create something unique in the world – improving their lives and others’.

For us, becoming an entrepreneur is not the goal per se – rather, it is seen as a great way to put your ideas into action and have an impact on society.

We also collaborate with different organisations and companies that are on the lookout for new innovative solutions to issues they have recognised themselves. These collaborative programs offer participants opportunities to:

A) gain practical experience and form valuable connections in their field of interest

B) witness how they can have an immediate positive impact on their community
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Our impact in numbers

Participants in over 60 programs
Events on entrepreneurship
and the sciences
Student and research-based businesses
Three people around a laptop

Entrepreneurial mindset can be obtained by anyone.

We provide and facilitate a safe space for creative thinking and cross-disciplinary problem-solving, via our programs and events. Getting involved in these often means getting out of your comfort zone; our participants get into riveting discussions with other brilliant minds from different backgrounds. These experiences provide an amazing opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

In the long run, we hope to contribute to cross-sectional collaboration and positive societal development. This can be achieved through a widened appreciation of innovative thinking across all fields of science and academia.

We believe that entrepreneurial mindset can be obtained by anyone.

People from all fields of science or background can apply the methods and tools of an entrepreneur to support the process of turning ideas into concrete action. This encourages individuals to take more of an active part moulding the(ir) future.

By facilitating a safe space for creative thinking and cross-disciplinary problem-solving, we encourage people to get out of their comfort zones and to engage in challenging conversations with each other. This is also the space where growth and self-discovery takes place. In the long run, this can also aid cross-sectional collaboration and speed up societal development – via the widened appreciation of disruptive and innovative thinking.

And who’s behind all of this?

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