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The next round of Think Company Fund is held in autumn
2024. Stay tuned!
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Think Company Fund

Helsinki Think Company wants to support promising early-stage companies that aim to make a positive impact on our world and lives! Think Company Fund is a grant for innovative teams and individuals that want to put their ideas into action.

You can apply for a grant of 2500 euros (max. 850 € / person) to get your business up and going, or for a grant of 500 euros to test and validate your business idea.

The application is a two-step process. An evaluation of all applications is conducted by the Board of Helsinki Think Company Association, who will then invite the most promising teams and individuals to pitch their ideas. After this, applicants will be notified on whether their application has been accepted.

The next application round of Think Company Fund is held in autumn 2024. If you have any questions about the Think Company Fund or the application process, please contact

Receivers of the grant are required to report after 6 months what they have achieved with the grant. The report can be used as a material in Helsinki Think Company’s communication and marketing. If the receiver doesn’t withdraw the grant within 6 months from awarding the grant, the money will return to Think Company Fund.
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The grant of up to 2500 € will be awarded against the following criteria

Promising business idea
The team or individual must have a promising idea that has realistic business potential, and a clear and defined business model.

Commitment and the use of time
The applicant has a realistic view of how much time, effort and work the project requires and they are committed to these requirements.

Early-stage phase
The grant is given to entrepreneurs that are starting up their business. You don't need to have an established company when applying, but the company needs to be registered and have a corporate bank account at the time of the grant payment (within six months of the granting decision).

Team or indivudual
You can apply for the grant as a team or an individual. The maximum amount given is 850€ per person. For teams consisting of three or more people, the maximum amount is 2500€.

Relation to Helsinki Think Company
The applicants must be related to Helsinki Think Company either so that they have taken part in one of our programs or challenges, or that the team is part of Helsinki Think Company community, for example by regularly using the services such as coworking spaces.

Make a pilot with a smaller
grant of 500 €

Helsinki Think Company related teams and individuals with a promising business idea can also test their idea with a smaller grant. The 500€ grant doesn’t require a registered company, and it can be awarded for applicants whose business model is not completely defined. We only require a concrete plan outlining how the idea will be validated and executed, and how the fund will be used.


Who can apply for the Think Fund grant?

Everyone that aims to make a positive impact on the world and society with their business idea.

Who are the members of the Think Company Board?

The members of the Board change annually. See who's in the current board here!

Where does the money come from?

Think Company Fund is a fund originally donated by Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation for promoting entrepreneurship in the university community.

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