1 -10 October + 25 October 2022
Creating solutions based on research, innovation and green entrepreneurship.
Endorsing systemic change and sustainable economic growth.

Turn academic knowledge into a circular economy business model. Take part in endorsing a green and sustainable economy.

The circular economy model strives for environmentally sustainable economic growth, in which natural resources are used wisely. Green entrepreneurship aims to take the environment's well-being into consideration. New circular economy business ideas are needed in order to create a more environmentally and socially sustainable society.
The key here, we believe, is the multidisciplinary collaboration between research and innovation actors.

In the Circular Economy Sprint, teams had a chance to turn their reserach or topic of interest into a business model - one that supports sustainable economic growth.

In the Circular Economy Sprint participants worked in multidiscplinary teams discovering the business potential in their academic knowledge. The end goal of the program was to endorse sustainable systemic change by encouraging new green business models. During the sprint's opening weekend and two separate workshops teams dived into the world of green entrepreneurship and gained concrete skills such as pitching and mastering the lean canvas. Circular economy experts from different fields supported the participants during the Sprint, and in the final event teams presented their circular economy and research-based business ideas. To support the teams, a Next Steps event was held later in October.
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Take a step towards green entrepreneurship.
Apply for the Circular Economy Sprint by
28 September 2022.

Apply now

Curious to learn more about the Sprint
and the solutions created?
Read more about it here!

Who can attend?

The Circular Economy Sprint is for you, if you are...

...a researcher or doctoral researcher

in a field related to sustainability and circular economy. You have already done some research about sustainable economy or circular economy, and are willing to turn your research into a business.

...an aspiring startup or an entrepreneur

in a field related to sustainability and circular economy, and are looking for support in perfecting your business model.

...an undergraduate or postgraduate student

who wants to take a peek into the world of green entrepreneurship and learn more about circular economy and its business potential.



Application period


Opening weekend:
Problems and solutions



Validating and mentoring workshop



Pitching workshop



Pitching final



Next Steps



Satu Lähteenoja, Demos Helsinki

Tuuli Saukkonen, Gaia Consulting

Harri Hoivala, NewCo

Clémence Avignon, RePack

Paula Sarsama, Infinited Fiber


5.- 29.9.
Application period

1.- 10.10.
Opening weekend: Problems and solutions

Validating and mentoring workshop

Pitching workshop

Pitching Final

Next Steps


Rules & regulations

By applying to this program the participant commits to follow the rules and regulations listed below.

Circular Economy Program Rules & Regulations

1. Application period for Circular Economy Sprint starts on 5th of September and ends on 28th of September. Organizers will inform the selected applicants by a phone call on 29th of September.

2. The program starts on 1st of October and ends on 25th of October. This includes the starting weekend (Saturday and Sunday 1st - 2nd of October), two workshops on Tuesday and Thursday next week, a final event on Monday 10th and a Next Steps session on Tuesday 25th of October.

3. Applicants for the program may be researchers, PhD researchers, degree students, startups, other entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs interested in the circular economy.

4. The participants are chosen based on their motivation and enthusiasm as well as competence and expertise relevant to the themes of the program.

5. Organizers of the program form multidisciplinary teams from the selected applicants.

6. As a participant you commit to attending in person at Helsinki Think Company’s space in Viikki to:

- Starting weekend day one on Saturday 1st of October, 10am-6pm 
- Starting weekend day two on Sunday 2nd of October, 10am–6pm
- Workshop on Tuesday 4th of October, 6–9pm
- Workshop on Thursday 6th of October, 6–9pm 
- Pitch final on Monday 10th of October, 6–9pm
- Next Steps session on Tuesday 25th of October, 6–8pm

7. The program is based on working in multidisciplinary teams and everyone is required to actively participate.

8. The program’s language is English.

9. Circular Economy Sprint takes no claim, equity or ownership on the ideas born or developed throughout the program.

10. The program is free of charge for all participants.

11. Helsinki Think Company and the University of Helsinki reserve the right to showcase the teams and projects in events and marketing.

12. Photographs will be taken during the program. Helsinki Think Company and the University of Helsinki reserve the right to publish this material. Inform the organizer if you wish not to be shown in pictures.

13. Organizers of the program nominate an expert jury that decides on the winner of the program.

14. Helsinki Think Company will store the contact information (name, email, phone number) of all team members to be used for program-related handling including: communications, team support and program impact research. The information will be handled with care and not be handed to any outside parties. All stored information will be deleted upon request.

15. Respect others. There is no tolerance for bullying, aggressive behavior or violence in this program. As a participant you commit to follow our code of conduct.

Code of Conduct – Circular Economy Sprint

Remember to:

- Respect each other the way they are.
- Avoid making assumptions, ask rather than assume!
- Keep in mind that everyone’s opinion is equally valuable. It is okay to debate and disagree but remember to engage with good intentions and an open mind.
- Acknowledge that we are all here to learn and grow. We are committed to being a considerate community but making mistakes is okay!
- Remember that many of us will be communicating in a foreign language and be patient with each other. Encourage others to speak up and listen with intention.
- Take breaks when you need them. Check in on each other in a caring way, and encourage each other to rest and recharge.

In the activities of the University of Helsinki and Helsinki Think Company we do not tolerate:

- Racism
- Sexism
- Any type of bullying or discrimination
- Any type of violence
- Sexual or any other type of harassment
- Any discriminatory attitudes towards gender or sexuality
- Nothing comparable to the things mentioned above

There will be consequences in breaking the principles. In certain situations you might be denied continuing the program. The organizers will make sure these rules are being followed. If you need help, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Do I have to participate in all of the workshops?

We expect applicants to commit to attending all of the workshops. That way you get the most out of the experience! In case of sickness or other unavoidable absences, the participant commits to other team members developing the idea further.

What are the prizes of the Circular Economy Sprint?

The best performing team will be awarded with tickets to Slush 2022. In addition, all teams with a suitable idea have an opportunity to continue the development process in the Circulator-program.

What is the program language?

The program will be held in English.

Do I need to have a business idea in order to apply to the program?

On the first day of the opening weekend teams will get to know each other and specify a problem they want to create a solution to. During the opening weekend the created idea will be developed at the workshops - therefore, you don't need to have a business idea when applying to the program. If you happen to have a preliminary idea, you are also welcome to channel it into the program's teamwork.

Where will the program take place?

All of the workshops will be held at the Helsinki Think Company premises at Viikki (Latokartanonkaari 3, Helsinki).

People at a workshop, placing post-it notes on a large paper.

In collaboration

Helsinki-Uusimaa Region is on a pioneering mission in introducing and adapting to circularity. The now ongoing European Entrepreneurial Region theme year 2022 aims to contribute to developing a new model of growth, based on entrepreneurship and accelerated environmental, social, and economic sustainability. The key elements are investing in education, adopting new business models and taking advantage of the growth
opportunities provided by circularity.
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Contact us

If you have any inquiries about the program, don’t hesitate to contact the team.
You can also email us at helsinki@thinkcompany.fi.

Photography: Iina Lummepuro, Sanna Kujala
Lina Åhman

Communications & Marketing Manager

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Katariina Tonttila

Project Manager

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Oona Oikarinen

Program Manager

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Eeva-Stiina Niemi

Visual Designer

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