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Do you have an exciting business idea? Do you need concrete advice on how to develop it? Is funding the last string for you to start your entrepreneurial journey? We offer you the knowledge and support you need to take steps forward towards starting a company and being your own boss!
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Alex Ackermann received a 30 000€ investment from the University of Helsinki in HELSEED 2020.
Read his story in Think Media (in Finnish).

HELSEED workshops

Taking the steps from a seed of an idea to a successful company can seem complex, but it doesn't have to be that way! HELSEED is a program designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who have the hunger to learn more, make progress on their business and apply funding. We will be there for every step of the way!

Think of us as guides in the big forest of entrepreneurship.
We will direct your way on your trail towards entrepreneurship all the way from developing your idea to getting to know your target audience. Then, we will guide you through testing your idea and getting it ready for you to be able to apply for funding. Ready to start the hike?

These workshops are organised in collaboration with the University of Helsinki, as a part of the wider
HELSEED program. The workshops are open for everyone, but also designed to support students from the University of Helsinki on their journey in making a business plan and applying for HELSEED funding.
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Who can attend?

Two young women sitting at a table and writing on sticky notes.
Students, graduates and researchers
All you need is an idea, we offer a creative and supportive environment to work with it. In HELSEED workshops you can develop your idea and learn what you should know when building a business around it.
Startup team pitching on stage
Early-stage companies
If you already have a business or are just a few steps away from establishing one, we help you to be prepared for the next move. Whether it’s perfecting your business plan or getting ready for negotiations with investors, we provide concrete tools to help you.
Young smiling woman sitting in an audience
Everyone with a curious mind
We welcome all who are curious to learn about opportunities of entrepreneurial thinking. We are happy to offer you an insight into entrepreneurship as a career path. Who knows, maybe you will find your future dream job on this journey!
People at a workshop, around a table.

Workshop schedule

All workshops take place at 16-18, every week on a different campus

Tue 2.4.
Crystallize your idea
Meilahti Think Company

Tue 9.4.
Create a business plan

City Center Think Company

Tue 16.4.
Find your customers

Kumpula Think Company

Tue 23.4.
Build – measure – learn

Viikki Think Company

Teams are welcome to continue working on their ideas and business plans in the Helsinki Think Company coworking spaces during our opening hours.

Autumn 2024 workshops dates will be released later.

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"We thought that if everything went well, our idea could be useful for people all over Finland, all over Europe and all over the world. That's why building a company was the way and the tool to take this idea forward."

Otto Laitinen, Evexia

Evexia received a 30 000€ investment in HELSEED 2020.
Read about their journey in
Think Media (in Finnish).


Who can participate?

The answer is simple: everyone interested in our workshops can participate. We don’t have any requirements for a status of the participant or for baseline information.

Can I participate in the workshops on my own?

Yes, you can participate in the workshops on your own! Same goes for the whole HELSEED program, but if you are considering applying for funding, it is recommended that you find at least one other enthusiastic participant for your team. Founding a startup on your own is a big undertaking.

How do I participate in the workshops?

You can pick the workshops you find interesting or attend to the whole series. Sign up to workshops you wish to attend by two days before the workshop will be held.

Who is organizing the HELSEED Workshops?

The HELSEED workshops are organized by Helsinki Think Company.

What is the language of the workshops?

The language for all workshops is English.

Are the workshops online?

All workshops of spring 2024 will be offline live events, located at University of Helsinki campuses. Please note that the location is different for each workshop. More info on the registration website!

How are the workshops related to the HELSEED program?

The HELSEED program is a startup entrepreneurship program for students aiming to encourage them to develop their ideas towards startup companies. The premise of the programme is to draw up a business plan on the basis of an idea or for an existing startup, and the HELSEED workshops provide help for that. Possibility of early stage funding is offered for the most promising startups.

I want to participate in the HELSEED program, do I have to attend the workshops?

Workshops are a voluntary part of the HELSEED program. You can participate in all the other parts of the HELSEED program, writing a business plan and applying for funding, without attending the HELSEED workshops.

How can I apply for funding?

HELSEED participants who are students at the University of Helsinki can apply for funding in autumn 2024 from the University of Helsinki Funds. More precisely, one person in the applying team has to be an undergraduate or a postgraduate from the university. The funding process includes providing a business plan and pitching the business idea to the jury of the fund.

The funding decision is always taken on a case-by-case basis, meaning that several teams can be funded during the same autumn. The University of Helsinki Funds will make an initial investment of €10,000–€50,000 in the most interesting startups.

Something in mind?

If you have any questions regarding the HELSEED workshops, don’t hesitate to send us an email to helsinki@thinkcompany.fi and we'll get back to you!
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