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Do you want to learn something new and get inspired about entrepreneurship? We’ve put together events, sites, and content to accelerate your thinking.


Maria 01 - Startup campus

Maria 01 is the leading startup campus in the Nordic countries. Maria 01 provides a versatile work environment for technology startups, venture capitalists and large companies. Maria 01 regularly organizes various online, hybrid and local events for its network and for those interested in startup topics. Find out more about Maria01's upcoming events here:

Startup Sauna - a collaboration space and an oasis of entrepreneurial events

The Startup Sauna collaboration space brings together entrepreneurs and investors from Northern Europe. The space is open to everyone and does not require membership. Startup Sauna regularly hosts various events related to startups and entrepreneurship, e.g., pitching competitions, hackathons, and more relaxed get togethers. Read more about Startup Sauna's facilities and upcoming events:

NewCo events

NewCo Helsinki promotes local entrepreneurship and startup activities through various partners and communities. NewCo aims to make Helsinki known and to attract company founders and early-stage financiers from around the world. NewCo organizes nearly 200 trainings and events for entrepreneurs and startups every year. Check out upcoming events and trainings here

AVP events

Aalto Ventures Program hosts events ranging from smaller workshops to large speaker events focusing on an entrepreneurial way of thinking. AVP events are free of charge and open for everyone. Take a look at AVP’s upcoming events:

Volunteering at Slush

Slush is a student-driven non-profit business and the world’s leading startup event. Held annually in Helsinki, Slush is built by volunteer teams. Volunteering is a great way to gain work experience and startup knowledge, get inspired by the speeches of tech professionals, and have fun. Find out more about Slush here


Actic15 is a 2-day matchmaking startup event organized in Northern Europe. The event brings together international startups, investors, companies, media, and influencers. The event is focused on various industries, technologies, and topics, such as Digital Health, AI, Social Impact and Scaling. Read more about the event and its offering.


Think Media

Helsinki Think Company's Think Media blog content offers a comprehensive overview of the core topics of the entrepreneurial community. Get to know the themes of entrepreneurship through entrepreneurial stories, program content and current social events. Expand your thinking and read more about Think Media


Medium is an open platform where readers can discover new ideas and where experts of different fields can share their writing on any topic. Medium offers monthly and annual memberships to get unlimited access to the platform's content, write and connect with other like minded users. Red more about Mediums content and memberships:

Soaked by Slush

Soaked by Slush is a new digital media that focuses on stories about building companies, fresh insights into European technology and data-based observations of the world around us. Soaked by Slush creates content on e.g., marketing, finance, products, management and, more broadly, various technological phenomena. Check out Soaked by Slush’s extensive blog posts and podcast here:


Bonfire is a digital business media where Finnish business professionals produce current content in the form of articles, videos, and podcasts. The contents cover key business themes such as management, marketing, finance, HR, ICT, digitalization, and entrepreneurship. Check out Bonfire's diverse content in more detail:


  • The Economist
  • Forbes
  • Wired
  • Fast Company
  • Fortune
  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Entrepreneur
  • Inc.
  • The Black EOE Journal
  • Harvard Business Review (HBR)



Gain ideas and fresh perspective from the podcast listing! If the podcasts below don’t feed your podcast hunger enough, here’s a list of 50 entrepreneurship and business podcasts:

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