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Dig into the versatile entrepreneurship courses at your own pace, even from the comfort of your home. Gain new insight, expand your knowledge and learn to think like an entrepreneur.

Aalto University Starting Up online course

The Starting Up online course is a free two-credit course that covers the basic studies of startup entrepreneurship. The course is based on interviews with 15 European entrepreneurs, investors and technology pioneers and has been compiled together with students, professors, entrepreneurs, and investors. The contents of the course cover the key concepts and themes of entrepreneurship, from acquiring customers to forming teams and defining problems. Find out more about the course here:

Udemy’s Entrepreneurship 101 - From Idea to Launch (And Beyond) online course

Udemy’s paid online course includes a variety of downloadable materials, videos, articles, and assignments that support the novice entrepreneur from business idea development and brand building to budgeting. The course is aimed towards anyone interested in entrepreneurship, and it provides a certificate of completion. The price of the course varies, so following Udemy's offers is recommended. Find out more about the course here:  

Coursera & Bocconi University’s Private Equity and Venture Capital online course

Coursera's 12-hour free online course introduces individuals interested in entrepreneurship and start-ups to the mechanisms of venture capital. The course focuses on how venture capital works, where to find investors, and what kind of financial support an entrepreneur can get from the financial system through venture capital investments. The course can be completed at one’s own pace. Find out more about the course content and objectives here:

Startup School for Aspiring Founders - Y Combinator

The Startup School for Aspiring Founders is a free six-week accelerator program that provides lessons and exercises focused on business idea planning. Lessons and brainstorming sessions led by successful entrepreneurs help participants understand what starting a business is like and how a potential business idea can be brightened. Read more about the Startup School for Aspiring Founders accelerator here:

Startup School

Startup School is Y Combinator’s free and flexible online course, where an existing business idea is worked on through lessons and assignments provided by successful entrepreneurs. During the course, everything from refining a business idea to setting goals and bringing the company to market is covered. Check out the Startup School program here:

Y4Works Entrepreneurship Training - Free training for different stages of an entrepreneurial career

Y4Works organizes entrepreneurship trainings for those interested in entrepreneurship and those with a ready-made business idea.

Towards Entrepreneurship -course is suitable for new jobseekers considering entrepreneurship as a career option. The 4-6 weeks training covers the basic skills of entrepreneurship from the start of entrepreneurship to its various aspects. The training is participant-based and focuses on group and peer learning.

The Deepening Entrepreneurship Competence -course focuses on the sustainable start-up and development of business operations. The course is suitable for those who have a business idea, are already entrepreneurs or are entrepreneurial newcomers. The training delves into the various aspects of entrepreneurship and developing the business idea. The training is based on peer support, sparring with other course participants and professionals in the field. The training includes workshops where the business idea is tested in practice with the support of various tools.

Find out more about Y4Works' entrepreneurship training here (in Finnish):

The Enterprise Agencies’ Entrepreneurship Info - nationwide info sessions online

The Enterprise Agencies organizes free entrepreneurship-themed information sessions for the needs of an entrepreneur through Teams. The Enterprise Agencies provides information on e.g. developing a business idea, creating a business plan and various forms of entrepreneurship. Check out upcoming information sessions, webinars, and other Enterprise Agencies services here (in Finnish):

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