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Lean Canvas

Helsinki Think Company Lean Canvas is a tool mostly used in Helsinki Think Company workshops and events. The tool can be used for any project, but especially for early stage companies to map out possibilities and facts about business. More information on how Lean Canvas can be used as a tool in any project can be found below.

BMC - Holistic understanding of your business models 

Business Model Canvas is an easy-to-use tool for mapping existing business models and designing new ones. One can easily describe, visualize, assess and develop their business models with the help of the BMC tool. Find more information about the tool, take a course on mastering it or download a blank BMC.

Helsinki Think Company 1 on 1 sparring

Do you have an idea but don’t quite know how to turn it into a business? Looking for co founders? Stuck figuring out how to contact or pitch your first customers? You can contact us anytime for individual sparring sessions! You can pop by any of our co-working spaces during their opening times or send us a message at



HELSEED is a student startup programme that encourages students to take an entrepreneurial path. The programme aims to support and provide information to startup teams at different stages. Helsinki University Funds will provide the most promising startups with 10 000-50 000 € seed investments. Read more about the HELSEED programme.


12 frameworks for finding startup ideas - First round review

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