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Do you want to put your academic skills into action? Would you like to test your skills in practice? Look into these programs and events where you get to create solutions to real societal challenges.



Helsinki Think Company's flagship program 4UNI challenges students and graduates in all fields to utilize their academic knowledge to solve current societal challenges from an entrepreneur's perspective. One can apply for the annual change-themed idea competition as an individual or as a team. Teams receive support and lessons from experts in weekly workshops, where the subject matter varies from company law to pitching. The solutions are honed to be as clear and concrete as possible, so that each team can put their solutions into practice and develop a business for themselves. Read more about 4UNI:

Impact with Research

If you are like most researchers, you are motivated by the thought that your research will make a real difference. But what does it look like in practice? And what career paths are available to you after completing doctoral studies? Impact with Research course is designed for doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers, by Aalto Ventures Program.

From Lab to Market

From Lab To Market is an event series that helps you find the answers, and connect with people with similar questions in mind. You can listen to inspiring stories of scientists turned entrepreneurs, exchange thoughts over a cup of coffee on how to create impact from research, and network across disciplines and organizations. Read more about the event series:

Hack For Society

Hack for Society is a solution program where policymakers, researchers, and students join forces to solve societal problems identified by scientific research. The aim of the program is to build a bridge between political decision-making and science, to challenge familiar decision-making models, and to highlight significant societal problems. Read more about the program:

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