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SeriesSeed- Standardized legal documents for your company

SeriesSeed is a website where one can find a variety of standardized legal documents for different startup needs. The free documents include e.g. shareholders’ agreements between founders, for small investors, vc led investments and much more. The documents can be used as-is, but the forms provided are offered for guidance only. Find legal documents for your startup’s needs at SeriesSeed.

Business Helsinki- business advice and materials for starting a company

Business Helsinki promotes local entrepreneurship and startup activities through various partners and communities. Business Helsinki aims to make Helsinki known and to attract company founders and early-stage financiers from around the world. Business Helsinki offers free entrepreneurial support services and startup and ecosystem services for a variety of purposes. Check out Business Helsinki's comprehensive range of services and material bank.

IT 2018 contract terms

The IT2018 contract terms are the domestic contract terms between the company providing the IT services and the service subscriber. The terms make it easier to procure and contract IT services. The IT terms are sold as a company- or group-specific license, which is valid for one year. The annual license is automatically renewed. The terms are provided in Finnish and English with the same license. Read more about the IT2018 terms.

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