Makerspace makes a significant contribution for education and sustainability - Users share their experiences of the DIY workshop at Kumpula

Tuomas Harju
January 26, 2023
January 26, 2023

Makerspace makes a significant contribution for education and sustainability - Users share their experiences of the DIY workshop at Kumpula

Tuomas Harju

What is Makerspace? 

Ever wondered if there is a place on campus where you can unleash your creative potential? Or perhaps just repair your broken device? In the Kumpula Think Company, we proudly present just that space for your use, free of charge! 

Makerspace is equipped with a high-quality 3D-printer, soldering iron, metal drill and tools suitable for various tinkering. To make sure that the potential of every idea can be unlocked, we provide the equipment and tools for free. You only have to pay for the material used.

What can you do in Makerspace?

Let the community show and inspire you! We asked our community to showcase some of their work in the past year. 

“Makerspace lowered the threshold for me to get started with 3D printing, it allowed me to repair my phone and my bike, contributing to sustainability. [...]” -Makerspace user in Telegram group, 2022

“Here is a prototype of a pen holder printed in Makerspace I adjusted from an existing model to fit our xArm6 lite robot arm.” -Makerspace user in Telegram group, 2022

“The adapter converts +-24V wall clock pulse to +5V USB current. The microcontroller allows to take 2 seconds of USB power every minute from a minute pulse wall clock system.” -Makerspace user in Telegram group, 2022

“My debut project is an alarm buzzer that starts beeping if the fridge is left open for a minute. The fridge is old, so it needs to be double checked always whether it did close or not.” -Makerspace user in Telegram, 2022

“[...] I think Makerspace makes a significant contribution for education and sustainability, and I'm very happy this resource is available at Kumpula.” -Makerspace user in Telegram group, 2022

I am still not sure how all this works…

Don’t worry! If you’d like to come and see the Makerspace yourself, you’re welcome to visit Think Company Kumpula anytime during its opening hours. There is always a Think Company host present to show you around the space. 

Makerspace opened alongside Kumpula Think Company in late 2019 and has progressed step by step ever since. As the user base has grown, it has developed into a semi-independent community. It means that there is often help and tips available in the community’s Telegram group chat.

During the spring of 2022, Makerspace hosted several workshops themed around the equipment available. There are also workshops coming this spring, so stay tuned for further information in the coming weeks!

Where can I find more information?

Makerspace has its own page on our website and a community Telegram group. Join the group by scanning the QR code found in Makerspace or by this link. You can also send us an email to kumpula(at) See you in Makerspace in 2023!


Tuomas Harju

Tuomas is a multidisciplinary humanist and social scientist with a passion for all things urban. You can probably find Tuomas at Helsinki Think Company's Kumpula premises, or in the summer turning the soil from his campus gardening box.


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